Meghan Ganser - Hot Power Yoga Kauai, Hawaii
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Meghan Ganser

Meghan believes the state of yoga is a flow state, and all flow states require knowing your tools and skills, then using them freely as an art. She teaches an action, or a set of opposite actions, and then applies them to the Yoga poses, creating flow. Meghan teaches conversationally by asking direct questions and inviting an open attitude in the classroom. Over time, this builds a group flow that is supportive, playful, embodied, honest, and most importantly, a shared exploration.
Meghan has been teaching Yoga for 15 years and earned RYT 500 status in 2015 with Lillah Schwartz. Lillah invited Meghan to mentor with her by teaching Back Care classes at her studio, while Meghan was rehabilitating her own lower back injury. Meghan learned a lot about herself, society and generational trauma during that time. She now has a deeper appreciation for the potential power of Yoga, and shares a bigger interest in learning from injuries.
Meghan studies Vedic astrology and Rajanaka Yoga, and loves to be in flow states in nature. She generously shares tips and techniques that will help you be a more confident practitioner, no matter how much experience you have or don’t have. All levels welcome!