Cate McCann Fleming - Hot Power Yoga Kauai, Hawaii
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Cate McCann Fleming

Cate McCann Fleming was born on the east coast and moved many times with her large family of eleven, never staying in one place for long. She attended CU-Boulder in Colorado, and has a degree in Environmental Science and Geography. As an avid nature lover, Cate loves the mountains and the ocean…but Kauai has her soul. She finally planted roots and has called this beautiful island her home for over 20 years.

Cate studied Ashtanga yoga for many years with a devoted teacher, and completed Level I and II teacher trainings on Kauai. She began teaching in 2005 and has experience with teachers from varied backgrounds including Baptiste, Bikram, Anusara, and Iyengar methodologies. She thrives on the underlying alignment principles and core values that parallel all styles of yoga. Yoga is sometimes translated as “union,” and for Cate, that simple definition speaks volumes. Her daily practice helps to maintain balance “off mat” as a real estate agent, design consultant, wife and mother of 3.

Cate currently teaches a yin class at KPY, which is an incredible complement to the stronger, heated flow classes. In yin, poses are held for long periods of time, usually on the floor, with the support of props. Deep stretch is created by letting go of the muscles, rather than by contraction. This leaves your body and mind feeling calm and deeply nourished.