Classes Offered at Kauai Power Yoga
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Our Classes

Power Yoga is our Specialty!

We specialize in Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga, inspired by the Teachings and Methodology of Baptiste Yoga. These classes will leave you inspired, energized, and empowered.


Heated Power Yoga: With temperatures in the low 90’s, we teach the Journey Into Power Sequence (JIP) 53 posture foundation series, with an emphasis on the Five Pillars of Baptiste Yoga Practice: Drishti (Focus), Ujjayi (Breath), Foundation (Hands, Feet & Core), Tapas (Heat) and Vinyasa (Flow). Some classes have music, some do not.


Hot Power Flow: With temperatures in the mid 90’s, we teach creative variations and sequencing to the the JIP foundation series. Perfect for anyone who wants to move, sweat, & challenge their growing edge. Set to music.


ALL of our Power Yoga classes will get you moving, sweating, and connected, while encouraging deep inner & outer transformations. Build strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, & mental clarity. All Levels classes – No experience necessary – Beginner’s welcome! Come as you are & be ready for anything!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga (unheated) is an incredible complement to the stronger, heated flow classes. Poses are held for long periods of time (5-8 minutes), usually on the floor, with the support of props. Deep stretch is created by letting go of the muscles, rather than by contraction. The intention is to target & stretch the deep connective tissues (fascia) around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, & spine). This leaves your body and mind feeling calm and deeply nourished.

“A practice of 2-3 days per week, if consistent, will create transformation over time. For life-changing results practice 5-6 days per week.” Baron Baptiste