Jessica Stein



Jessica fell in love with Yoga in 2004 and began teaching in 2005. She has been practicing, studying, training, teaching, and growing in Yoga’s Transformative Power ever since. She opened Kauai Power Yoga in 2014 and it is Kauai’s first Hot Power Yoga studio dedicated to transformation, community and possibility.

Jessica is deeply dedicated to her growth and Yoga Practice, forever flowing from the role of teacher to student: learning, integrating, and sharing BIG breakthroughs, on and off the mat! Jessica’s classes are heart-centered, challenging and playful, promoting inner awareness, power, flow, expansion and possibility. Jessica encourages Yoga Practitioners to find their edge, stay and breathe into it, honor it, and explore the potential of possibility that lies beyond it. With Power Yoga, everything and anything IS Possible!

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